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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Top 5 Weapons of North Korea and how U.S can tackle them?

North Korean crisis has taken a new turn with North Korea threatening its long-term ally China. Pyongyang warned China of “grave consequences” for betraying North Korea in a rare and explosive statement. As the regime find itself increasingly isolated, the

chances of it taking military option increases. North Korea does possess a decent arsenal of weapons and can be tricky adversary for even a superpower like United States. In this video, Defense Updates looks at 5 key weapons of North Korea and how US can tackle them. So, lets get started


While Nort korea's massive forces are largely primitively equipped pyongyang possess the capacity to launch a devastating artillery strike on the city of seoul.
The opponents capital are just 120 miles apart with seoul within 35 miles of the border.Most of the artillery pieces are numbering in thousands are already in place camouflaged and dug in.North korea's artillery pieces include the
170MM Koksan -Wikipedia) whic has a range of about 25 miles using conventional projectiles.

However the Seoul is well within the range of korean peoples Army rocket assisted shell which have a range of just less than 40 miles if the gunas are stationed near the border region.

In this scenario, the US may choose to employ massive aerial bombardment around the border region with B 52 being the weapon of choice. B 52 has an excellent payload of 70,000 lbs (31,500 kg), hence will be apt for this kind of operation. GROUND FORCES:

North Korea has more than 1.2 million active soldiers, and a further 7.7 million in reserve, making its ground force one of the largest in the world. Its troops are bolstered by 200,000 highly trained special ops soldiers. . The best way to tackle this massive ground force is to employ Shock and awe, as done in Iraq. Shock and awe (technically known as rapid dominance), is a military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming power and spectacular display of force to destroy enemies will to fight. For this US could use high precision tactical strike from air and sea to take out vital infrastructure, key assets and important personnel in the opening moments of the conflict. This can be carried out by strike aircrafts like F 35, with supporting fire from Tomahawk cruise missile launched from navy destroyers. AIRCRAFTS: The MiG-29 is the K P A F's most modern fighter and North Korea operates approximately 40 of these. The Mig 29 is a very capable fighter and can reach South Korean capital in about 10 minutes. As in any modern conflict, air supremacy is must, and US will have to take out the North Korean air force on ground with preemptive strike, or engaged them on skies. F 22 & F 35 are a generation ahead of Mig 29, and are stealthy. In this scenario, the North Korean pilots will find it very difficult to detect and target them. Also, US aircrafts are equipped with modern air-to-air missile and coupled with US fighter pilot's better training and strategy, is expected to quickly get air superiority over North Korean skies. SUBMARINES: The North Korean military is in possession of a fleet of about 70 submarines, comprised of approximately 20 Romeo class submarines (1,800 tons)-Wikipedia, 40 Sang-O class submarines (300 tons)-Wikipedia and 10 Yono class submarines (130 tons)-Wikipedia. These submarines being small and fairly silent, have the potential to sneak in close to the enemy vessels and cause lot of damage. The US is expected to deploy their own hunter killer submarines to neutralize them before surface vessels enter those waters. US have 13 VIRGINIA class of nuclear-powered fast attack submarines. The submarines are designed for open-ocean and littoral (shallow coastal water) missions making them ideal for this task. MISSILES with NUKE: North Korea is dependent on land based missiles for nuke delivery,as it has no aircraft capable of carrying nuclear bombs and has no ballistic missile submarines. It has a fairly significant ballistic missile capability. Some estimates show that North Korea has over 600 short-range Scud missiles, more than 200 Nodong missiles, and about 50 Musudan and Taepodong missiles. These weapons could be used to deliver nuclear weapons to targets around the Korean peninsula and beyond. . Also recently operational Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, can take out the once which are successfully launched. THAAD is an anti-ballistic missile system, which is designed to shoot down short, medium, and intermediate range ballistic missiles in their terminal phase. THAAD uses a hit-to-kill approach that is the missile carries no warhead, but relies on the kinetic energy of impact to destroy the incoming missile. Each B-2 would deploy with either 16 900-kilogram GBU-31 JDAMs or a pair of massive 13,600-kilogram GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrators to reach deep underground bunkers. In addition to the guided bombs dropped by U.S. stealth aircraft, the United States can rely on large numbers of Tomahawk land attack cruise missiles to fly in on the heels of the stealth aircraft and strike remaining targets.

Watch in Video Format-Top 5 Weapons of North Korea and how U.S can tackle them?



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