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Monday, 17 June 2019

Why F-35 Lightning II will fail in battle top 5 reasons?

               F-35 LIGHTNING II - Wikipedia

PAK FA:-Wikipedia

The 5th GEN fighter currently in testing phase is slated to be deployed soon. The PAK FA is a match for F 22 Raptor & exceeds in all parameters against F 35 Lightning 2. The PAK FA is more stealthy & its radar have the ability to detect F 35 at long ranges Also, in a dogfight PAK FA is has distinct advantage with 3D thrust vectoring-Wikipedia) & great thrust/ weight ratio In BVR (Beyond Visual Range) may be able to hold off PAK FA but in WVR (Within Visual Range) combat , it will have very no chance against the super maneuverable & fast PAK FA Russian S400 / S 500 :Wikipedia

S 400 is currently in operation. With a tracking range of 600 km and the ability to hit targets 400 km away at a blistering speed of 17,000 km an hour – faster than any existing aircraft. S 500 is currently in design/testing phase S 500 system can detect ballistic missile at a range of 2 000 km and warheads of ballistic missiles at a range of 1 300 km. It can defeat ballistic missiles before their warheads re-enter atmosphere. It is designed to intercept ballistic missiles. It is planned to have a range of 500-600 km and hit targets at altitudes as high as 40 km. The low frequency radars can detect F 35 and has the ability to shoot down the F 35 with its 77N6-N & 77N6-N1 hypersonic missiles - Wikipedia

The chances of survival of F 35 against a battery of S-400 is medium but against S 500 it will be low. Note:The US Navy's acquisition of 22 Growler jamming aircraft suggests the F-35’s jamming capability is not enough to confuse S 400 / S 500 radars. RUSSIAN/CHINESE Radars: China's DWL002 is passive radar system-Wikipedia that can

detect stealth aircraft at distances of up to 400 kilometers -- and 600 kilometers for larger "stealth" targets -- processing "pulse, frequency agility, pulse duration, tactical air navigation system, distance measuring equipment, jitter/stagger radar, and identification friend or foe" signals emitted by the otherwise stealthy aircraft to determine its location. Very high frequency (VHF) radar systems, such as Russia's P-14 Oborona -Wikipedia) VHF early warning system, and its 3D Nebo SVU active electronically scanned array (AESA)-Wikipedia

is also be capable of detecting the F-35. These radars can then pass the information to AIR to AIR missile & Fighter Aircrafts TOTAL RELIANCE ON BVR (Beyond Visual Range) Combat:

BVR missiles have 17% kill rate. F 35 carries four beyond visual range (BVR) air-to-air missiles (AAMs). In all probability it will be out gunned in a combat scenario Note: During the Vietnam War the USAF made the same mistakes- F-4 fighters were armed only with missiles. After the failure of the same & heavy losses, reintroduced cannons were reintroduced in the F-4. COMPROMISED DESIGN:

The aircraft is big & bulging as the weapons needs to be carried inside to reduce radar signature. This takes a toll on performance of the aircraft which is almost build like a bomber not a fighter The biggest problem with the F-35 is that its US designers are betting on stealth and long range radar to compensate for its lack of speed and maneuverability. Once detected , F 35 will be no match to Flankers like Sukhoi 30 , Sukhoi 35 or Eurofighter in a dogfight.

Watch in Video Format-Why F-35 Lightning II will fail in battle top 5 reasons?


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