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Monday, 10 June 2019

Why China buys Russian Sukhoi-35 when it has Stealth Aircraft Chengdu J-20?

INTRODUCTION: China has publicly shown off its new Chengdu J-20 - Wikipedia

stealth fighter at the Zhuhai air show for the first time on 1st Nov 2016, but Beijing is continuing its efforts to acquire advanced Russian fighters.
So why is China trying to acquire a 4++ generation foreign fighter when it has indigenous 5th generation fighter? SU 35 CONTRACT - THE DIPLOMAT While a pair of J-20 garnered the attention of the world’s media, the Russian government quietly announced that it has started work on building 24 Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E -Wikipedia

fighters for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). Su 35 E is export variant of the Su 35.

China signed a contract for the delivery of two-dozen Su-35 in November 2015 worth at least $2 billion. Russia is expected to deliver 4 Su-35 to the P L A A F before the end of the year. The remaining Su-35 are expected to be delivered within the next three years. Let us now understand the 2 main reasons for Beijing to need Sukhoi Su 35. ENGINES: Heart of every aircraft is its engine. China has not perfected its indigenous

WS-10 - Wikipedia) for its Flanker clones; Shenyang J-11 & J 15, let alone come close to finishing development of the next-generation WS-15-Wikipedia
it would need for the J-20.

J 11 & J 15 - Wikipedia) are illegal copies of Russian Su 27 & Su 33 - Wikipedia. The WS 10 engine is underpowered and has been a major headache of China. The WS-15 is currently thought to be in a ground-testing phase with flight trials set to begin on an Ilyushin Il-76 - Wikipedia) some time in the future. In fact, China has not demonstrated it can build any reliable jet engine even with designs that it basically stole from Russia. Building engines with indigenous design remains even more distant. The J-20 currently appears to be powered by twin Russian-built Saturn AL-31F - Wikipedia) engines found on the Sukhoi Su-27 and it’s Chinese knockoffs. The addition of the Russian-built AL-41F1S-Wikipedia series engines that power Su 35 might provide a solution to Beijing’s engine issues. RADAR: Radars are like eyes. For any 5th generation fighter, radar is one of the most important components and will be decisive factor in case of any conflict. There are indications that the J-20 carries an Active Electronically Scanned Array radar (AESA). Allegedly, the J-20 would be fitted with a Type 1475 radar (also referred to as the KLJ-5 ), which is supposedly being tested on a China Test Flight Establishment. There is no way to confirm that information because the P L A A F isn’t all that forthcoming about sharing information concerning its developmental projects. However, it is well known that China is lagging far behind in AESA radar technology. Russian radar technology is way ahead of China’s, & is considered one of the best in the world. This is why Beijing wants Su 35, as it would gain valuable technical insights from the Irbis-E Radar - Wikipedia) of Su 35.

CONCLUSION: Given the Kremlin’s previous experiences with selling China advanced technology, Moscow has insisted on agreements to secure Russian intellectual property onboard the Su-35. In previous years, the Chinese reverse engineered older versions of the Flanker into the Shenyang J-11, J-15 and J-16 series of aircraft. Vladimir Drozhzhov, deputy director of Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation said, “We established a Russian-Chinese working group for the purposes of practical implementation of this agreement, which held a regular meeting in September this year”. Despite whatever agreement Beijing might have signed with Moscow, the Chinese are almost certainly interested in the Su-35 to harvest its technology. While the current configuration of the J-20 externally resembles a 5th generation fighter in several respects, China remains woefully lacking in engine, radars and mission systems avionics technology. The Su-35’s Saturn AL-41F1S afterburning turbofans, Irbis-E phased array radar as well as electronic warfare suite are likely of high interest to Beijing.

Watch in Video Format-Why China buys Russian Sukhoi-35 when it has Stealth Aircraft Chengdu J-20?


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