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Monday, 3 June 2019

Five aspects where Russian Sukhoi-57 beats F-22 Raptor?Analysis


Sukhoi-57 - Wikipedia) designed for super maneuverability while

the F-22 Raptor - Wikipedia) emphasizes stealth ,although both designs are maneuverable & stealthy in their own right. American idea is to have “first look/first shot/first kill” air dominance capability. The Russian view is more balanced one. They believe, at some point even stealth aircraft will have to close in for the kill since: Radar detection & radar evasion/jamming capabilities are continuously neutralizing each other BVR (Beyond Visual Range ) missile have low kill rate New ground based radars are on their way, which can detect stealth aircraft. The Sukhoi-57 is designed to have extreme maneuverability at both supersonic and subsonic speeds , this can provide it with a brutal advantage in dogfights & help it defeat missile with extreme evasive maneuvers instead of entirely relying on stealth

3D Thrust Vectoring-Wikipedia

The Sukhoi-57 also utilizes three-dimensional thrust vectoring. It has movable Leading Edge Extensions (LERX) just ahead of the air intakes.
This enables engine thrust to be pointed in different directions, providing increased pitch, roll, and yaw control.

The F-22 does utilized thrust-vectoring, but only two-dimensional (up and down, for pitch control). F-22 also tends to lose too much energy when using thrust vectoring In addition, the Sukhoi-57 can fire the missiles hidden in internal departments at hypersonic speed. The US fifth-generation aircraft can not do this and has to decelerate for the purpose. Fully fledged communication data link: The F-22 also has a very limited capability to communicate with other aircrafts. The F-22 as can only communicate with other F-22's via a data links during flights. The only way for a F 22 to communicate with other planes is through insecure radio line. That would undermine the whole purpose of the F-22’s radar-evading stealth design, since radio lines can easily give away the location of F22 According to some accounts, the communications shortfall kept the F-22 out of the multinational Libya air war two years ago. This Sukhoi-57 uses full fledged secure data link and can secure communicate with ally aircrafts
Radar coverage:

THE Sukhoi-57 has 5 AESA radar compared to only 1 in F 22. This provides the Sukhoi-57 with a distinct advantage with true 360 degree radar coverage. IRST Sensor-Wikipedia
The Sukhoi-57 houses an IRST sensor at the base of its windscreen, F 22 has none. IRST sensor was planned for F 22, but later removed due to budget constraint

Watch in Video Format-Five aspects where Russian Sukhoi-57 beats F-22 Raptor?Analysis


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